One on One Coaching

Fleming’s one-on-one exclusively for you coaching:

What is Success? Success is just an outcome. What you need to succeed wildly in this abundant universe is Courage, Confidence, and most of all the willingness to face failure and rejection. These translate into Action. Action gives you success.

Fleming teaches you to be the CEO of your Own Life.

  • Would a CEO allow a top employee to waste time and opportunities?
  • Would a CEO allow indecision and vacillation keep their #1 employee from seizing opportunity after opportunity
  • Would a CEO allow their #1 employee to keep missing deadlines because what you are working on “isn’t perfect yet?”
  • Would a CEO allow their #1 employee to pretend not to focus on the money, when without money you cannot live, nor can you contribute to charity and help others?
  • You are that CEO. Yet most don’t act like it. Many people do their best work for others, making others’ dreams come true. Yes, you can do that, and you can learn and grow in that experience. Yet ultimately, you deserve, you need to be your own CEO. There is no more playing second fiddle, and definitely no more playing seventh fiddle, or twentieth.

Fleming’s CEO of Your Own Life Coaching helps with the following:


  • Dare to Ask for Help
  • Dare to be rejected without giving up. “No” just means I aksed the wrong person, or that I didn’t make it about really helping them.
  • Dare to Ask for Recognition. “that turned out pretty awesome, didn’t it?”
  • Dare to tell people the real truth.
  • Dare to take accountability for what you can change and accept the rest.
  • Dare to stop caring about what people think – and how their jealousy of the successful holds you back.
  • Dare to Reinvent Yourself:
  • People trust you because when your No means No, they also trust that your Yes means Yes.
  • Your circle improves because you no longer tolerate those who don’t align with your mission and newfound power.

Most of all Fleming helps you with Accountability.

What is that? Accountability is about doing what you promised yourself what you would do. It’s about doing the things for you that you do daily for your children, your parents, your friends, your boss… while your priorities keep coming in last. Accountability is about making yourself the most important person in your life so that you CAN start achieving your dreams, instead of enabling other people to either achieve their dreams, or to continue being total screw ups because you rescue them every time they don’t plan for themselves.  There is nothing more priceless than that! Accountability for you is the key to real success, and nobody, literally nobody can truly be effective at this for themselves. Even the most famous, most important people have a coach who helps.

Yes, the most famous people have an accountability coach.  Do you think Michael Phelps gets out of bed early every morning and swims 50 laps because he knows it is best for him.  Do you think Serena Williams gets up early to practice tennis because it just seems like the right thing to do?  No, these and any famous athlete you care to mention pays a lot of money for feedback, motivation and advice to make them the very best they can be.  Find one.  I do a great job at this, in fact, I am exceptional. But whether or not you hire me, find someone to motivate you and make you the best version of you!

here’s how we’ll work together

We meet weekly over Skype video for 20 sessions (over 6 months)  for small group sessions  + personal sessions

We do a daily text message check in to make sure you are doing 3 things each and every day to move your mission forward.

You get weekly worksheets to better absorb and learn each of the lessons and tools.

You have email access to me in between sessions. You’ll never have to feel stuck or alone or have to process a situation without my support. I’m there every step of the way.

The CEO of Your Own Life package starts at $5000.

For those serious about a 1:1 relationship doing CEO of Your Own Life program:

**My practice is currently full until October, but please apply via email if you are interested in being on the waitlist**